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OSK develops COVID-19 turnstile

A step toward normality


Cologne, September 7, 2020 – Oliver Schrott Kommunikation has teamed up with two partner companies from North Rhine-Westphalia to develop a prototype turnstile called SafeGate®. The fully automatic system checks a number of COVID-19 parameters and only permits access to event venues, public buildings, factories or offices once they have been met, thus providing people with the best possible protection against infection.

The global coronavirus pandemic continues to cause considerable restrictions to public life. Those particularly badly affected include the organizers of events of all kinds – from cultural, to sporting events, trade fairs and congresses as well as corporate events. Losses to the trade-fair economy alone due to the cancellation or postponement of events are already estimated at 1.6 billion euros.

SafeGate® facilitates events

Be it an event location, theater, concert hall or sports venue, event organizers could previously only react to the requirements of the coronavirus pandemic with improvisations and a sizable commitment of personnel. However, three companies from the events sector have come together to develop SafeGate®, an automated, mobile turnstile module for health and safety checks at the entrance to event venues and other buildings.

SafeGate® automatically checks access authorization using a QR code issued via online pre-accreditation, uses a camera to ensure that guests are wearing face coverings, performs a contactless temperature check and disinfects visitors’ hands. Only after that does the high-tech gate permit access to the theater, concert, sports stadium, event venue or factory site. SafeGate® thus ensures reliable and efficient compliance with all safety and hygiene standards currently stipulated by Germany’s federal states for running events.

In the space of just a few weeks, a working group – consisting of the team from Matrix, experts from MSB in Tönisvorst (the provider of trade-fair, show and staging technology), and the event specialists from OSK – defined the specification for SafeGate® and built the first prototypes. The turnstile has already been used successfully in practical tests at a number of events.

Go to www.safegate.de for further information.

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