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Communication driven by passion and digital know-how

Smart work, ridesharing, online shopping, media streaming, sustainable travelling – OSK brings together the lifestyle and interests of Digital Natives with the professional experience and know-how of Generation X.


We utilize the full potential of digital media and technology to produce pioneering communication ideas and integrated campaign concepts. At the same time we shine the spotlight on our clients’ digital innovations – from smart home solutions to Car-to-X communication interfaces.

News from the future

In our international offices in New York and Beijing we have our finger on the pulse of the latest trends, fashions, lifestyles and technologies. In New York we converse with newspaper editors, journalists, bloggers and artists about the digital revolution in the media sector, and are developing derivative PR services for the future. In Beijing we are living in the global center of mobile communication where WeChat is the ultimate in multipurpose killer apps.

Digital tools supporting analysis, information, participation and dialog

We are not only living and talking about digital transformation, but driving it forward with new ideas as well. OSK ǀ BERLIN, our tech unit in Berlin, for example, is developing analysis tools, applications and digital platforms for communication activities. Our Influencer Relevance Tool is helping users to select the most appropriate partners in the world wide web. We have also created an online platform, Mercedes me media, to enable journalists and multipliers not only easily to view PR occasions such as premieres, press conferences and product presentations online, but also to generate publicity live during the event. This way, the virtual and the real world are gradually getting crosslinked.

More on Mercedes me media.

Making full use of the options afforded by digitization, it is a content machine that makes working life easier for journalists, influencers and bloggers. If Apple looks over its shoulder, it may well be able to learn a trick or two.


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