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OSK realisiert erste Auto-Weltpremiere auf Tiktok

OSK launches first Auto World Premiere on Tiktok

“Digital first” for the new C-Class


Stuttgart/Cologne, February 2021 – OSK has developed and launched a double world premiere on TikTok for its client Mercedes-Benz. The presentation of the new C-Class was also the first-ever world premiere for a car on the booming video portal.

By doing so, the Stuttgart-based automaker consistently relied on the “digital first” principle for its best-selling sedan. The dramaturgy, mechanics, language, music and editing of the premiere, which lasted just 13 minutes, were completely rethought for TikTok by the OSK creative team, which consistently tailored the content for Generation Z’s use. The video was also designed to be more digital. The combination of short information blocks and amazing stunts by digital illusionist Zach King turned the car launch into a smart infotainment format that generated a huge buzz on the web from reach, relevance and resonance.

Teasers and airing on Zach King’s own channel also helped, as Zach is one of the most important influencers in the TikTok universe.

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