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Welcome to OSK Tech – your communications consultancy for complex technologies and smart solutions that are advancing our world on both large and small scales.

Technology moves the world – especially our consultants at OSK Tech. Because they love technological innovations and the dynamics behind them. They are also passionate about making it tangible to everyone on how your developments are improving our society today and in the future.

Whether artificial intelligence, semiconductor technology, alternative energies, space travel or software, our OSK Tech team is your highly specialized PR sparring partner. We’ll help you inspire tech fans, media, multipliers and employees for the complex industrial projects of your engineers and IT specialists – no matter how challenging or sensitive the topic is and regardless of whether your company is a global market leader, hidden champion or start-up.

We understand your technical issues

Thanks to the combination of technical know-how, many years of practical experience in a wide range of industries, communicative excellence, a deep understanding of the challenges of the tech world and journalistic curiosity, our PR professionals get to the bottom of technical issues, penetrating them from A to Z. They present them in an organized way so that your target group understands them – analog, digital or both… smartly combined.

Our OSK Tech team transforms even the most abstract technological innovations into exciting stories, understandable explanations or integrated campaigns – all with the guarantee of piquing the interest of your target group and positioning your company as a pioneer of the future.

Let’s get people excited about all the exciting technologies that bring us joy and help us move forward as a company. We look forward to getting to know you.

Interested? Contact me!

Rafael Bolte
Account Director

Specialized advice and a fully integrated range of services

Behind every excellent consultancy is a team of specialists who breathe life into good ideas. This is how smart strategies and clever concepts become successful measures and campaigns. This also applies to OSK Tech. Our consultants specializing in technology topics draw on the five OSK Studios:

  • Studio for Concept and Creation
  • Studio for Visual Communications and Brand Spaces
  • Studio for Video, Audio & Virtual
  • Studio for Live Experiences
  • Studio for Comms Tech and Artificial Intelligence


This means we always combine the right services, tailored and fully integrated for maximum success with your target group. Of course, we’re just as happy to be there for you if you only need a sizzle reel, press release or a highlight exhibit for your trade fair stand.