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Our benefits

At OSK, we love to work together in a supportive, fair, and appreciative spirit


Thats why we offer you attractive benefits to make both your job and your private life more enjoyable.

Making innovation a reality together

“One for all, and all for one”? That’s a given for us.  

Our team spirit formula isn’t rocket science: honesty, openness, and colleagueship. We don’t work against each other rather, we all pursue a common goal: inspiring people when it comes to innovation and the future through excellent communication. At the end of the day, that means creating and developing PR concepts and feature podcasts. Award-winning TikTok campaigns and LinkedIn strategies. Live experiences and motion pictures. Plus: the pleasant feeling of having a trustworthy team that has your back. 

Fits your schedule

A job where your life’s the boss? Check.  

We believe that at the end of the day, a clear head makes for the best muse. That’s why you can talk to us about anything: full time, part time, flex-time, time off. Whether you’re a fan of the office, a remote worker, or a family guy we will find a solution together that balances the reality of your life with the demands of our everyday work. 30+ vacation days, flexible work hours and mobile office options included. 

Bringing out the best in you

Learning a little more every day? That’s our mission. 

At OSK, you can grow every day – and not just because of our high-level projects. Our OSK campus provides you with plenty of opportunities and programs to take you beyond everyday business and to the next level, both professionally and personally. These range from real deep dives to compact trend updates. During the first months, you’ll also be guided by a personal mentor from our team who believes that there are no stupid questions and understands how things flow at OSK. 

An extra serving of health

Working on creative ideas without aches and pains? Sounds great. 

To help you stay in top physical and mental shape, we’re cooperating with both JobRad, Urban Sports Club and the Fürstenberg Institute. We set up a height-adjustable desk for you in our state-of-the-art Open Spaces. We provide you with quiet zones and noise-canceling headphones to give you the space you need to concentrate on your work. In addition, you can enjoy authentic Italian portafilter coffee as well as snacks, fresh fruit, and tea. 

Close to you

Taking the fastest route every morning? That’s the way we like it.  

From Berlin to Cologne to Stuttgart: each of our offices lies in the heart of the city. This makes them easily accessible, whether by car or by public transport. For the latter, we’re happy to support you with a subsidized job ticket. And if you’re someone who calls more than one place home, then we’ll find the right route for you – there and back.

Parties and after-work social events

Hashtag Agency Life? Of course!  

But without rat racing or all-nighters. Rather, we embrace regularly scheduled team events and office parties, casual after-work drinks, or traditional agency celebrations like our summer party, which your partner and children are more than welcome to attend. So, if you want, colleagues can quickly become acquaintances and friends. We look forward to having you join us on our terraces and in the OSK living room. 

Doing good by belief

Outcomes with impact? Our passion. 

After all, being involved in social issues is an integral part of our OSK culture. That’s why we regularly work pro bono in cooperation with long-standing partner organizations and use donations to support a good cause whether it involves working toward more justice in jobs and the economy, for freedom of speech, or for those in need. In much the same way, we’re making OSK increasingly sustainable through accredited certifications. A genuine asset for daily business.