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European Excellence Award for Freightliner WP

Further renowned PR and communication award


Stuttgart/Cologne/Stock­holm, December 2015. Daimler Trucks and Oliver Schrott Kommu­nika­tion have won the Euro­pean Excel­lence Award for the world premiere of the Freight­liner Inspi­ra­tion Truck. The staging of the first autonomously driving truck with road approval convinced the jury in the cate­gory “Auto­mo­tive and Trans­port”.

For the striking presen­ta­tion of the Freight­liner Truck, Daimler Trucks and OSK had trans­formed the Hoover Dam in Nevada, USA into the largest driv­able stage in the world and were rewarded by a media reso­nance of half a billion contacts. The 39,000 square-foot mega-projec­tion on the 221 meter high dam wall was created by using 60 high-perfor­mance projec­tors. With a light output of 1.17 million lumens – the highest value ever recorded – the projec­tion was awarded the “Guin­ness World Record” right on the spot.

Prior to the Euro­pean Excel­lence Award, the Freight­liner world premiere in Europe already received the Golden Apple of the FAMAB Award 2015 for best live PR, as well as an eubea award. In the USA the project won two BizBash Event Style Awards and is short­listed for the PRWeekly Awards, which will be cele­brated in New York, in March 2016.

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