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Bilder der spektakulären Weltpremiere des Freightliner Truck am Hoover Dam

World Record for Freightliner

OSK stages brightest projection ever


Cologne/New York, May 6, 2015 // With a spec­tac­ular world premiere Oliver Schrott Kommu­nika­tion has intro­duced the Freight­liner Inspi­ra­tion Truck at the Hoover Dam in Las Vegas. In order to present the first autonomously driving truck that was granted a license to operate on public roads, the agency turned the world famous dam in the desert of Nevada into America’s biggest screen.

With a light output of 1.17 million lumens – the highest value ever recorded – the projec­tion was awarded the “Guin­ness World Record” right on the spot. The 39,000-square-foot mega-screen was made possible by using 60 high-perfor­mance projec­tors whose signal has been synchro­nized with a so-called video projec­tion mapping and adapted to the curved surface of the dam.

Opened in 1936 and with a height of 221 meters, the Hoover Dam tops the Cologne Cathe­dral by 64 meters. The dam is consid­ered a tech­nical wonder of the world which is why OSK chose it as the back­drop for the presen­ta­tion of the Inspi­ra­tion Truck which was granted the license to drive on public roads on Tuesday and is thereby the world’s first autonomous truck to receive this license.

For half an hour, the guests of the nightly premiere at the dam — inter­na­tional jour­nal­ists and selected top clients of the brands — witnessed an impres­sive flood of videos, anima­tions and live images, which took the motion design team of OSK several months to concep­tu­alize and design. At the end of the event, the Freight­liner Inspi­ra­tion Truck drove through several switch­backs to the valley of the Colorado River and finally came to a stand on the dam crest.

“The Hoover Dam provides the ideal setting for a debut as signif­i­cant to the trucking industry as this. Not only was it built primarily using trucks, but it signi­fies inspi­ra­tion like few other struc­tures in the world. To show the signif­i­cance and oppor­tu­ni­ties of autonomous driving func­tions for the global trucking industry we were willing to go ways, that people did not dare to think about before,” said Dr. Wolf­gang Bern­hard, Member of the Board of Manage­ment of Daimler AG and Head of Daimler Trucks and Buses. “The Inspi­ra­tion Truck’s debut was made even more notable with Freight­liner’s Guin­ness World Record of the highest light output projec­tion ever.”

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