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International OSK team supports content marketing


Cologne, October 23, 2019: The Fraport AG relies on the expert knowledge and expertise provided by Oliver Schrott Kommunikation (OSK) for the implementation of their WeChat campaigns and activities. OSK won the content marketing budget as part of a Europe-wide tender and will support Fraport conceptually, in terms of content and design within the development of their WeChat performance and the expansion of their range.

Fraport’s presence on the platform aims specifically at the numerous Chinese travelers arriving at and departing from the largest German airport every day. The intention is to increase their awareness of the services, offers and single retailers at Fraport in advance of their arrival. The international OSK team supporting Fraport through both the Cologne and Beijing offices, will design, produce and implement text, graphic and filmed content for the Chinese super-app. Influencer activities and accompanying offline campaigns are also planned, as well as the development of additional applications and mini programs, which OSK is supposed align with the special functionalities of WeChat.

“With its numerous functionalities, very user-friendly applications and smart possibilities for campaigns, WeChat offers a huge potential for reaching Chinese target groups. We want to support the Fraport AG in taking advantage of the app’s many options and we are very much looking forward to this fascinating task,” says Michael Kemme, managing director of OSK. “Thanks to our transcontinental team in Cologne and Beijing, we not only have the cultural understanding necessary for this task, but we can also produce content directly in Chinese.”

Companies that want to reach Chinese target groups can hardly do so without WeChat. The service has largely replaced other apps and websites and has become China’s primary digital infrastructure. The app is also increasingly popular outside the People’s Republic. An explanation for this is the wanderlust of the Chinese people: Every year, 2.3 million Chinese tourists visit Germany alone and over 130,000 people from China live in Germany.

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