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Stories from the universe of mobility

The demand for mobility solutions is growing exponentially and, at the same time, digitization, changing values and ecological requirements are transforming the ways in which people and goods are being transported worldwide. Which new mobility offerings will ultimately prevail? Which technologies will make the running? And how will businesses harness their potential to develop forward-looking traffic concepts? These are the topics that move our clients, and provide the subject matter for our compelling storylines.


We use apps for carsharing, ridesharing, bikesharing and shared parking. And we use our smartphones to produce optimized travel plans including different means of transport. Automakers send taxis to our doorsteps and are developing passenger drones for the city. Railway operators are hiring bicycles and accepting paperless tickets. Both E-bikes and conventional bicycles have become lifestyle objects, and their popularity is being bolstered by fast cycle routes and infrastructure improvements. Commercial vehicle manufacturers are re-imagining local transport and logistics, and emerging as service providers. Welcome to the world of new mobility.

Transport offerings are increasing in scope and demand further explanation

The global population grows by 216,000 people every day. Mobility is a mega topic – and one of the major fields of competence of OSK. For many years, the agency ranking published by the German PR-Journal has been placing us well ahead of the competition in the mobility and infrastructure category. From start-up businesses and innovative drive systems to apps, eco-systems, lifestyle products, commodities, and infrastructure and environmental issues – we thoroughly understand the topics and technologies that occupy people’s minds and keep them on the move.