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Freightliner World Premiere Is Best Live-PR 2015

Project receives Golden Apple at FAMAB Award


Cologne, November 16th, 2015 // Daimler AG and OSK win gold at the FAMAB Award 2015. The top-level jury voted unan­i­mously for the impres­sive staging of the Freight­liner world premiere at Hoover Dam to receive their highest award possible.

The panel’s conclu­sion: “An impres­sive kick-off for a new era. The engi­neers’ great tech­no­log­ical inno­va­tions are staged at a historic loca­tion. The product convinces by its consis­tent content-related Live-PR and by creating a medial echo for the event and brand alike.”

“We are extremely pleased with this award, the Golden Apple. It is a great reward for our coop­er­a­tion, the coura­geous concept and the chal­lenging imple­men­ta­tion; and it proves once again the compe­tence for fasci­nating world premieres. The produc­tion at Hoover Dam meant an enor­mous orga­ni­za­tional and tech­nical effort in order be able to tell the story of the Freight­liner Inspi­ra­tion Truck. In the end, the medial echo orig­i­nally aimed for was exceeded by far,” Oliver Schrott explains.

“It was our aim to convey the first autonomously driving truck with road permis­sion to a wide audi­ence with emotion and enthu­siasm. The FAMAB Award in gold is a great honor for all those who worked on the Freight­liner Inspi­ra­tion Truck. The world premiere meant true transat­lantic team work – including everyone, from the engi­neers and designers via the marketing to the agency and commu­ni­ca­tions depart­ment,” Florian Martens commented, head of Global Commu­ni­ca­tions Commer­cial Vehi­cles of Daimler AG. “The Hoover Dam is the ideal stage for such a signif­i­cant world premiere. On the one hand, the dam itself was constructed with the help of trucks, on the other hand it symbols inspi­ra­tion like only very few other monu­ments in the world.” Martens continues: “In order to visu­alize the impor­tance and oppor­tu­ni­ties of autonomous driving for the global truck industry, we decided to take this new road.”

The prize was awarded at a festive award gala in the MHP arena in Ludwigs­burg, November 12th, 2015. The FAMAB Award (formerly: ADAM and EVA Award) of the “Ver­band Direkte Wirtschaft­skom­mu­nika­tion e.V.” ranks among the most signif­i­cant German prizes for three-dimen­sional brand staging. A top-class expert jury elects the most outstanding Live Commu­ni­ca­tions projects every year in four main and 22 subdi­vi­sions — thus setting inter­na­tional bench­marks in the industry regu­larly.

Before, OSK achieved another success: the Freight­liner world premiere received bronze in the cate­gory “Best Launch Award” at the “Inter­na­tional Festival of Events and Live Commu­ni­ca­tion eubea 2015”. In the US, we even recorded a double victory at the BizBash Event Style Awards.

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