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Create unforgettable live encounters – digital or on site

Some subjects can be described, photographed, filmed and modeled. Others simply have to be experienced – whether effectively staged on a digital platform or right on site. Not only does OSK rank among the pioneers of live PR and is Germany’s leading agency for PR events but has also developed the most current powerful and innovative tool for digital events.

Whether premieres, press conferences or product presentations – we transform the topics and stories of our clients into authentic and unforgettable live experiences for the media and multipliers.

Information is processed in the mind, and experiences prompt gut reactions. But they also have a lasting effect, because live communications, in the true sense of the word, creates an emotional connection between the host and his or her guests This is possible even in times of restricted personal encounters – if you choose the right tool for an effective digital event and the right concept. This is how events, whether digital, on site or combined become a particularly efficient and effective communications and sales tool. They address all senses, grab the participants’ attention, take them out of their everyday world, and encourage the audience to focus on something new.


For us, events on the internet and on stage are never an end in themselves but provide an emotional framework for delivering objective information, messages and proof points. Powerful events give rise to authentic stories and images which in many cases stay fresh in the mind for a lifetime and are widely shared – in the media, digitally and face to face, in real time, and often many years later.

With OSK StagerTM we offer the currently most powerful tool for digital events, which has been used successfully already for three years. OSK creates and implements successful live formats with all their ingredients – from the staging and a suitable venue, to the whole set-up and hospitality, anywhere in the world. Since 1993, we have designed and competently delivered more than 600 event projects in over 40 countries on all five continents. In America and Asia our event activities are supported by the teams working in our own offices in New York, San Jose and Beijing.

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