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Weltpremiere der Mercedes-Benz C-Klasse

The Magic of Social First

The digital world premiere of the new Mercedes-Benz C-Class


Stuttgart/Cologne, February 2021 – Conceived by OSK together with the client, the digital world premiere of the new mid-range model is a perfect example of the resounding impact of a “social first” mindset. The campaign, which was devised entirely from the user perspective, is hosted by world-famous digital illusionist Zach King and rolled out from A to Z in native social formats. And it worked. The clips are shattering every record on Instagram and TikTok.

For content to be truly successful in the social web, it takes a love of and commitment to the narrative and aesthetic of digital formats. In the idea, development and execution of this world premiere, OSK stuck firmly to this thinking – and attracted viewers with experiences that they know and love.

In so doing, the team questioned every single creative decision with the “trigger finger” in mind. Do the first few seconds meet viewer expectations? Or better still – are they so curious that they want to know more? That means no lengthy cuts. Aesthetic typography and creative motion design. Carefully balanced audio and visual elements with an appealing rhythm. Keep the language relaxed and conversational. In other words – 100 percent “social first”.

Building the tension to digital perfection

The premiere began with a warm-up teaser from digital illusionist Zach King. 24 hours before the actual showdown, millions of people caught a glimpse of just one single headlight on the new car. The reward came for those who stuck with it. King later shows the whole model: Starting with the key, he leaps into his mailbox before accelerating in a sweeping curve back out of it again in the C-Class. It was a fabulous nod to all who, in recent months, have mainly been able to place their orders online. The viewers now want to see more – the target has been met.

The results made agency history. The teaser clip on Zach King’s TikTok channel scored 6.3 million views and one million likes in the first 24 hours. The reel on Instagram racked up 7.5 million views and one million likes. And on the client’s Instagram channel, the world premiere achieved record-breaking figures with 7.2 million views, 690,000 likes and 2,000 comments, while the world premiere itself notched up 1.6 million views. The external feedback was similarly euphoric – trade magazine Horizont dedicated its front page to the digital world premiere.

A global car launch is no longer purely a stage show. In the digital era, it is shifting to amusing infotainment. […] Facts and entertainment stand side-by-side with equal billing.

Horizont, February 2021


Digital Communication Award 2021 in Gold in the category „11. Event & Experiential Marketing“



Digital Communication Award 2021 in the category Social Media Communication