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Meet Mercedes Digital

Meeting multipliers online

Meet Mercedes DIGITAL, the news streaming service


Trade shows, press conferences, product presentations – the core tools of public relations simply disappeared due to the Covid-19 pandemic. But PR lives from regular contact with journalists, bloggers and other multipliers. That’s why our client wasted no time in reacting to this unprecedented situation. Its new news streaming service transmits established physical press events in a digital format – conceived and implemented with the support of OSK.

From its dedicated studio, out on the proving grounds or in a factory setting – the innovative streaming service delivers exclusive angles and the hottest news on the automaker’s products and other topics, presented to audiences in a series of compact episodes. A professional moderator talks to high-ranking experts and, as they would be on a TV show, the discussions are accompanied by clips, descriptive animations and technology demos. Audiences then have direct access via their markets’ owned channels to specially prepared content. A total of twelve episodes were broadcast between May and August this year.

Meet Mercedes DIGITAL

Put together in a matter of weeks

It took just a few weeks from the banning of mass gatherings to the global broadcast of the first episode. How was such a rapid response possible? As a pioneer of digital events, the client was simply very well prepared. The series and its clever digital add-on features are presented on a powerful streaming platform that it had already been using extensively for PR work since 2017. That tool was originally developed jointly by OSK and our digital unit OSK Berlin.

The outcome is incredibly positive. The twelve episodes of the news streaming service have been watched by more than 49,000 visitors from more than 90 countries. Journalists and media representatives have published a total of 744 articles worldwide, generating a media reach of 156 million. Running it on the client’s owned social channels chalked up 94 million impressions, three million of those through its own press account on Twitter. This level of success is a huge thumbs-up for the concept – which will be retained even once the current crisis is over.