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Plattform von OSK für Mercedes-Benz

Unique platform for digital live PR

More than just a live stream – Mercedes me media


Would you like to attend major press events live without having to travel? Capture photos on your computer at home? Upload original sound bites immediately? Follow the action from several different perspectives? Of course – but you probably think it’s all just a pipe dream. Not so! As early as the 2017 IAA motor show, Mercedes presented a new benchmark in digital live PR for the first time – Mercedes me media. From then on, journalists, bloggers and other opinion leaders who were unable to attend an event or exhibition in person could nonetheless participate as virtual guests of the digitized Mercedes live events. No matter where they were at the time, they simply logged in with their PC, tablet or smartphone. This powerful tool for digital live communication has by now been widely used and accepted – and has established itself as the benchmark.

Mercedes-Benz developed the platform together with OSK and its technology unit OSK Berlin. me media enables media professionals to report live in real time using smart functions and generate high-quality content. The platform is not simply a one-dimensional livestream, but is a tool that puts any journalist with a monitor in the director’s chair. For the first time, four viewing settings are available during live broadcasts – three camera angles and a director’s cut – with minimal latency and no delay. Because users can switch between the settings so easily – whether in their study at home or the editorial office – they genuinely feel as though they are actually at the event.

Everyone’s a director

Apart from the benefits of watching high-resolution videos, media professionals can generate print-quality screenshots, read presenters’ scripts in real time and copy quotations for immediate sharing on social networks or for saving in a “shopping cart” – in multiple languages if desired. Users can therefore quickly and accurately generate individual high-quality reports tailored to their own channel. Recordings of every event are also available on demand and can be reviewed or used for further research purposes at any time afterwards.

The tool’s advantages for both event hosts and users are clear. The innovative online platform generates a digitized version of live proceedings. When hosting a major premiere, for instance, the customer can reach a worldwide audience of opinion leaders without requiring them to gather in an exclusive venue. And influencers are able to attend events virtually that would otherwise be beyond their reach. The tool allows them to select – in real time – the best content for their specific formats and channels from an abundance of available material.


German Internatioal PR Prize in the category „Corporate Media“ 2018

“As regards live events, Mercedes-Benz comes out on top, ahead of Apple – the new communication platform of the premium car maker is called Mercedes me media. Making full use of the options afforded by digitization, it is a content machine that makes working life easier for journalists, influencers and bloggers. If it looks over its shoulder, Apple may well be able to learn a trick or two.”

Trade journal „Horizont“