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Authentische Präsentation der A-Klasse im Convention-Stil

A Campus Setting for the New A-Class in Amsterdam

World Premiere of the Mercedes-Benz A-Class, Amsterdam 2018


For the presentation of the new A-Class in Amsterdam, Mercedes-Benz created a fully themed campus centered on the new features of the compact model. Using a convention style, the automaker offered a diverse range of workshops, plenty of interesting information, experts on-hand to explain and answer questions and a host of cool activities on the sidelines. The headline from trade publication w&v read: “Mercedes shows the right way to run an event”.

There was a festive feel in Amsterdam’s Kromhouthal. OSK created a new event concept for the world premiere of the new A-Class that exuded the appeal of an informal convention. Hours ahead of the evening launch and in several locations, guests had the chance to absorb all sorts of interesting information on the A-Class and on the new, cool face of the city in the trendy Noord area of Amsterdam. There was no rigid program. Participants were able to choose freely from the wide range of options and activities on the program – from workshops and presentations, to viewings and discussions or simply getting on with work in a fabulous co-working space.

The Flair of a City Neighborhood

The central hub for the subsequent afternoon program was the “A Campus” in the Kromhouthal, a former indoor shipbuilding facility. The inspiration for the architectural concept was the diversity of a city neighborhood – the kind of area shaped by many different influences; its face and its character defined by businesses, restaurants, cafes and bars. This flair was transposed into the Kromhouthal to communicate the individual facets of the A-Class in an atmosphere suited to the respective topic. Visitors found out all about the new MBUX intuitive and learning multimedia system in the “Multimedia Store”. In the “Lounge”, guests used virtual reality to experience the A-Class interior up close. And the “Garage” offered extensive information on the latest technology in the compact four-door.

That evening, Daimler boss, Dieter Zetsche, then presented the star of the day – the new A-Class. He used the intelligent voice control feature of the MBUX multimedia system to engage in relaxed small talk with the car on-stage. The setting was unforced and unconventional – fitting to the young target group and to the flair of the overall event, which reflected positively on the new A-Class in subsequent reporting.

“Mercedes shows the right way to run an event”

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“(…) the brand is now cooler, livelier and bolder.“