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Impressionen vom Bloggertreffen mit Mercedes-Benz bei der re:publica

Blogger Connect @re:publica 13

Blogger Relations, Mercedes-Benz


OSK brings the digital community into the analogue world: the aim is to intensify blogger relations for the lifestyle, brand and social-media communication of Mercedes-Benz. On the evening before the re:publica 13, the most important meeting of digital publishers in Germany, the agency arranges a meeting of 35 selected bloggers in a trendily old-fashioned Berlin apartment.

This deliberately personal encounter with the Mercedes-Benz brand is stimulated by laid-back discussions and intensive exchanges with company experts on current developments and products. The “hot-spot” meeting focuses on the topics Design and Lifestyle, which are also to be found as elements in the features offered by the location. This exciting mixture of best-networked young people is in complete agreement: there is no better way to blog!