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Harman interactive book

A Book that Speaks Volumes

Interactive storytelling exhibit


the Harman Kardon Brand Partnership Book combines haptics and optics with digital audio. The fact that a modeled book can reproduce sounds is well known from children’s literature. But adults can also be thrilled when written words are supplemented by audio experiences. This appeals to the senses and creates extended possibilities for imparting knowledge. As an audio specialist, Harman Kardon uses an interactive, talking “Brand Partnership Book”, designed and implemented by OSK, to communicate the brand partnership with Volkswagen.

Vehicle manufacturer Volkswagen and sound expert Harman Kardon have been working together since 2019. The current Volkswagen Golf is optionally equipped with a sound system by Harman Kardon, with further models to follow. The two companies celebrated their sound partnership with a major event at the HARMAN flagship store in Munich. A real crowd-puller was the interactive Brand Partnership Book – an exhibit that combines optics and haptics with auditory and audiovisual infotainment.

Expert Talk with Audio Storytelling

On the outside, the exhibit is based on a real book – oversized and open in the middle, it encourages you to browse. On the right-hand side of the book, users will find only a few words. Instead, many interactive theme stickers with loudspeaker symbols can be found. By touching these stickers with a special sound stick, easily consumable audio snippets of up to 30 seconds are played. In these clips, sound, design and brand experts from Harman Kardon reveal the details of the ideal sound experience in the car. This makes the book a real listening experience. Listeners hear the contents with Harman Kardon headphones, which ensure clean sound without any background noise.

In addition to audio, videos are also available. On the left-hand side of the book, a touchscreen offers further multimedia content – for example, the specially produced Brand Partnership film by Volkswagen and Harman Kardon. Due to the positive response, two copies of the book have already been produced in cooperation with the booth builder Tom Martin.