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New website for HARMAN Connected Car

Joint digital project of OSK Cologne and Berlin


Just in time for CES 2019 in Las Vegas, OSK has completed the first leg of a major project: the new website for the HARMAN Connected Car Division. Our longtime customer wanted to position HARMAN on the new website as a thought leader from Connected Car via Connected Services to Connected Life. The appearance had to meet this goal visually and in terms of content.

OSK had a common vision with HARMAN that the website itself had to be customer-centric, unlike most of the competitors’ websites. For the agency’s team of digital specialists and UX designers as well as experts and editors at the locations in Cologne and Berlin, it was clear that high-quality and relevant content was needed, addressing the needs of the B2B target group. The new internet presence has become „journal-style“ and „engaging“. It lives from lifestyle images and focuses on rather neutral articles that are assigned to five mega trends such as „Smart Mobility“ or „Connected Living“.

Website scores with virtual tours

Sometimes provocative questions such as „How can car brands prosper in a uberized world?“ are intended to encourage visitors to read on, while links to relevant HARMAN products, technologies and services („solutions“) are linked in the articles. On these pages, further articles are recommended to optimize the visitor’s stay. The approach to discussing interesting questions and presenting solutions using concrete HARMAN technologies is a USP of the website. Another highlight is the integration of virtual tours through trade fairs and tech shows.

The website was developed in very close cooperation and exchange between the HARMAN and OSK teams. This proved to be very helpful to complete the complex project in a timely manner and, not to be underestimated, establish confidence among the HARMAN leaders. The project was implemented in an agile way with the CMS Drupal 8. OSK ensures that the mobile-optimized website is always up to date – both in terms of technology and content. The agency also designed the activation campaign for the Geneva Salon.