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Utilizing the advantage of branded podcasts

Design and implementation of corporate and branded podcasts


A well-made podcast provides companies with the opportunity to establish a unique closeness to the audience. Because in comparison to other formats, the time that consumers spend with branded content is particularly long and intense. However, in order for the podcast to be successful, it needs expert knowledge – not only about target group and content creation, but also about channel distribution, search engine optimization (SEO) and advertising placement. As specialists in auditory storytelling, the OSK Waves team consults their customers from the first idea to the last result.

An exciting theme, an impactful host, a cover design with recognition value, modern sound technology and a well-stocked production line: These factors form the basis for a successful podcast. If the foundation is laid, the audio format must be positioned to stand out from the crowd. Because the competition is fierce: Spotify alone has around 70,000 German-language podcasts, worldwide there are around 3.2 million.

Placement and SEO

The most relevant streaming services are Spotify and Apple Podcasts. But the video platform YouTube is also suitable due to its large number of users for the distribution of audio content in the form of a soundtrack combined with a still image. Both for the target audience’s appeal and also for the SEO it is elementary that the podcast title is expressive and brings the core theme to the point. Whoever mentions the most important keyword in the title improves the searchability of the podcast. The show notes and the podcast description are also SEO relevant.

Gain new listeners through social media

How do you reach those who have not been listening to any podcasts? Through social media. Accompanying content on social media is vital for a new audio format.

A high interaction rate can be achieved, for example, through animated quote cards with exciting citations from the current episode. They arouse interest and make you want more. When posting, there are specific hacks for each platform, such as for the integration of links to the podcast episodes. In the story, in the comment column or in the bio? This is provided by the algorithm of the respective platform. The goal is always to keep the click-through path from the social network to the podcast platform as short as possible. This lowers the hurdles and gathers new listeners faster – from which some may soon become fans.

Successful podcasts powered by OSK Waves

These are just a few tips and tricks from the everyday practice of our podcast experts. In recent years, the OSK team has been able to gather a great deal of experience in its own and client projects. Here are some selected use cases:

„Let’s talk Mercedes“ has been addressing an international target group since May 2020. The format deals with a wide range of topics related to mobility with a journalistic profundity. Is the electric car really the solution for the mobility of the future? How many driver assistance systems does the human being tolerate? What drives a world-class triathlete to his highest achievements? These and other exciting questions will be discussed in conversation with experts and external guests.

„Moving beyond“ from Siemens Mobility is also aimed at a global audience. The podcast takes a look at the development of metropolises and focuses on safe, reliable and sustainable solutions for mobility. Host Sally Eaves, Spokeswoman for Advanced Technologies, discusses with experts from around the world opportunities and revolutionary ideas.

The German-language format „12 sqm – the Caravaning Podcast“ of the Erwin Hymer Group appeals to EHG employees as well as external fans of caravan, camper van & Co. The podcast touches on a booming topic and provides insights into the world of the caravaning industry leader. Thematically, the range spans from caravaning of the future to sustainability to the design of a travel mobile. Personal caravaning experiences and job insights complement the theme cataolgue.

The podcast „Wunderbar Together“ is hosted by Oliver Nermerich, Head of Digital Communications at OSK, in collaboration with New York journalist Felix Zeltner. For this, the two hosts interview the „coolest Germans in America“. The guests tell weekly of original ideas, success methods, but also of their mistakes in their professional life.