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Sustainable Live Communications

Immersive, informative, sustainable and live – for decades the OSK live communications team has been staging top-class events, spanning national and international borders and the digital and physical realms. Whether online, in-person or hybrid, your communications goals take center stage alongside the perfect audience experience.

Over the past several years our specialty has increasingly focused on sustainability aspects of events. They are an authentic way to bring your strategy to life and tangibly demonstrate your organization’s commitment to the environment and society. We help our clients to significantly reduce the carbon footprint of events, incorporate their ESG criteria and even drive down costs.

  • Analysis, consulting, project management – including for projects already in planning.
  • Our communications experts can raise the profile of your event as needed to convey your messaging across all relevant channels and platforms. Our wide array of inhouse services ranges from content creation and spatial design through to marketing, social media and PR campaigns as well as AI-supported communications.
  • Take advantage of our in-depth and detailed expertise in live communications to ensure the greatest degree of sustainability for your event.

Our services: 

Event check-up: Based on your event planning we’ll assess the relevant factors – including the selection of service providers, materials and methods of transport – to identify strengths and potential weaknesses in terms of sustainability.

Consulting: The results of the event check-up form the basis of our overall assessment. We’ll point out potential improvements and provide concrete alternatives to boost your event’s sustainability scorecard and positively impact its cost-benefit ratio. Sustainability can often make an event cheaper when it’s well thought-through.

Implementation: Our dedicated events team can gladly assist with the overall planning, conception and implementation of your project, allowing you to benefit from our extensive global network of suppliers, with whom we have developed strict standards over the years.

Live communications @OSK

Events that inspire human interaction are extremely important for business – and that makes them an essential cornerstone of good communications and marketing strategy. Want to gain even more value from your next event? Find out how by collaborating with OSK:

  • Widest variety of services from a single source.
  • 30 years of experience with hundreds of projects, nationally and internationally.
  • Events for media, staff, sales force and marketing teams, external stakeholders and consumers.
  • Trade fairs, roadshows, digital events, summits, galas and anniversaries, public relations events, world premieres, product launches, workshops, influencer showcases, press conferences and more.

Norbert Gaffron EN

Norbert Gaffron
Senior Project Manager and CSR Manager