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Generative AI

At OSK, discover how generative AI redefines the boundaries of communication and transforms creative processes. We connect advanced AI with your vision, offer transformative workshops and create customised solutions that move your business forward. Our experts use their expertise to show you how to realise the full potential of AI and take your projects to the next level today and in the future. 

AI in everyday working life – a myth of the future? 
No. At OSK it’s reality and we will show you how. 

Data security in the world of AI – a contradiction? 
We prove the opposite. 

Corporate IT and AI – do they go together? 
Yes. Discover how it works at OSK.  

Law, GDPR and AI – impossible to combine? 
No. Get to know our legally compliant AI solutions. 

Workshops: Tailored to your business

  • GenAI General Workshops: From the basics of AI to in-depth expert insights, we cater to all levels of learning and ensure that every participant emerges with a solid understanding and practical skills. 
  • Midjourney Workshops: Discover the role of AI in image creation for different skill levels and redefine your visual strategy with AI’s innovative approach. 
  • ChatGPT Workshops: Master GPT architecture and learn to develop sophisticated chatbots that improve customer interactions and business operations. 
  • Prompt Engineering Workshops: Learn the art of prompt design to harness the full potential of AI, from simple creation to automating prompt optimisation. 
  • AI Superhuman: Discover how AI can increase human efficiency and create a collaborative work environment, where AI assistants contribute to the success of the organisation. 
  • Video/Audio Creation Workshops: Dive into AI-generated media production, from basic principles to building an advanced production pipeline. 

AI Consulting 

Step into the world of AI without worrying about the complexity of implementation. OSK offers fully managed AI services that enable your organisation to take advantage of AI technology without tying up your own resources. 

  • Comprehensive AI services: ChatGPT // Midjourney // Stable Diffusion // DallE // ElevenLabs // HeyGen // LLaMa 
  • Consulting: Individual support, tailored to your needs. 
  • Access and management of tools: Flexible solutions, customised to your requirements. 
  • Systematic solutions: From data processing to implementation, we offer a full range of services to turn your AI vision into reality. 

Chatbots: revolutionising customer engagement

Take your customer service to a new level with our advanced chatbots that provide instant, accurate and personalised support, transforming customer interactions with ease. 

  • Customer Support Bot: Provide 24/7 support, reduce wait times and improve satisfaction. 
  • Knowledge Bot: An omniscient assistant that provides anytime information on contracts, press releases, ESG reports and more. 
  • Engagement Bot: A digital social coordinator that engages customers with conversations, offers and entertainment. 

(Data) Compliant AI 

Discover AI solutions that are not only innovative, but also ethically and legally compliant. Our approach guarantees that your AI applications are not only technologically advanced, but also data privacy compliant and ethically responsible. 

  • Code of Conduct: Our AI operations follow strict ethical standards. 
  • Terms of use: Clearly defined guidelines for the use of AI 
  • Data protection: Strict compliance with the GDPR and ensuring data security 
  • Copyright protection: Safeguarding the intellectual property generated by AI 
  • Self-hosted models: For maximum data security and control. 

Questions? We are here to help.

Gregor Schermuly
General Manager & Head of Product (Berlin)
Sven Spöde
Senior Consultant Digital Communication