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CGI technology takes infotainment to a new level

A film for the digital world premiere


If the presentation of a vehicle is as impressively produced as the latest blockbuster, then Computer Generated Imagery (CGI) was involved. Mercedes-Benz and OSK used this film technology developed in Hollywood to take the digital world premiere of the VISION EQXX prototype to a new level of infotainment.

When the concept car drives along country roads and switchbacks in the film, the viewer can hardly distinguish between reality and the virtual world – real footage and computer-generated scenes merge to create a breathtaking overall image. One scene is particularly impressive: an expert reveals details about the materials used in the car, which are made from highly renewable resources – while standing in the middle of a fairytale-like yet realistic jungle.

Real forest floor in a virtual jungle

An elaborate setup was needed on the set to make this possible. Tons of forest floor and real plants were arranged by the team at the Munich Hyperbowl, Europe’s top virtual 360-degree film studio with CGI technology. The scene was shot there and later digitally enhanced by computer. The team transferred the camera movement on set to the 3D space in real time. This created an immersive impression of the scene even on location.

The team created four different worlds in total. In addition to the jungle and the realistic road, a vivid navigation map from the vehicle cockpit served as a narrative tool. And for the description of the vehicle design, the team created a mystical yet minimalist environment that draws the viewer’s focus entirely to the concept car.

Sustainable production

In order to shoot such locations in real life, film crews often travel around the world. CGI reduces set construction costs by up to 90 percent compared to regular film sets. The new technology makes many trips unnecessary and film productions more sustainable.

The premiere film strikingly demonstrates what is already possible with CGI today – even beyond the big screen. With a lot of publicity: within the first 24 hours alone, about 10,000 people viewed and experienced the video stream on Mercedes me media.