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NFT campaign promotes crypto art



With this motto, Pernod Ricard Germany was one of the first companies in the German market to implement an NFT campaign for Absolut Vodka. OSK took over the strategic and content-related project management and provided editorial support for the campaign website.

The idea: being together with others and sharing experiences is one of the most important needs. But what exactly constitutes being together? Four emerging digital artists addressed this question as part of the campaign and provided answers in the form of NFT artworks.

Support for the arts 2.0

The artists interpreted “togetherness” in completely different ways in their works, which can be viewed in an online gallery. In addition, their digital art was presented to a broad public in a pop-up gallery in Munich’s central train station. Placements in print and online media, social media activities, and a press conference ensured that the campaign received widespread attention throughout Germany. Their involvement was also rewarding for the young artists, who were able to auction off their digital art during the ongoing campaign. Click here for the online gallery with the artworks and more information about the artists and the campaign.

NFTs are unique crypto artworks

The hype around “Crypto Art,” which is based on the principles of blockchain technology, is still relatively new. As a result, marketers currently have good opportunities to position themselves in this prestigious field. Artworks that are converted to NFTs are and always will be unique. They are “non-fungible tokens,” or NFTs for short. Since NFTs are stored on a decentralized and thus non-manipulable blockchain, it is always clear who currently owns them.


 Gold at the DOOH Creative Challenge in the “Best cross-media campaign” category

Silver at the German Prize for Online Communication (DPOK) in the “Food and Consumer Goods” category 

Bronze at the German Digital Award in the “Digital Advertising Campaigns” category


German Media Award in the categories of “Brand Experience, Event,” “Advertising in Public Spaces” and “Content Marketing” 

PlakaDiva in the “Best innovative use out of home” category