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Social Influencer unterwegs im Mercedes-Benz

The Magic of Travelling

Corporate Branding Video // Mercedes-Benz


“There’s a special appeal to simply driving off and letting the street surprise you.” With this motivation, the filmmaker Vincent Urban and the photographer Alex Tank started their 12-day road trip in the new Mercedes-Benz C-Class Coupé. For more than 1,600 kilometers, their trip led them from Malaga to Porto – through vibrant cities and fascinating landscapes to unforgettable encounters and lasting moments.

Their travelling impressions were captured in an impressive video. “The Next Chapter: beyond the street with the C-Class Coupé” ran on social media platforms such as Vimeo and YouTube and reached well over a million people. Unlike classical commercial clips, here the car serves as a means to an end. Its advantages are communicated in a discreet, subtle way. In this way, Mercedes-Benz reaches a younger target group who attaches more importance to authentic stories and captivating images than to mere product information. With “The Next Chapter,” the brand with the star begins a new chapter in the area of branded-content communications.

Social-media expertise for high ranges

The social media specialists from OSK developed the idea for the film and were able to convince the social influencers Vincent Urban and Alex Tank to join the project. Through their artistically ambitious, high-quality content, they regularly obtain a high reach on their channels. The content-related coordination of the video was also done jointly with them.