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A live experience that breaks physical boundaries

Phygital Pre-Night, IAA MOBILITY 2021


After a year and a half without physical fairs, the IAA MOBILITY 2021 offered Mercedes-Benz and OSK the opportunity to realize a hybrid event: The highly emotional live brand experience broke the boundaries of physical events through augmented reality and digital additional information. The premiere of no less than four electric vehicles impressed the audience not only on site in Munich, but also in real-time around the globe.

In times of change and digital innovations, it is no longer enough to stream physical events one-to-one. What counts is real added value through the latest digital technologies. Together with the client, OSK realized such an extraordinary and equally consistent best-practice event.

The live stream that was at the center of the event was implemented by the team start to finish according to the ‘digital first’ principle: Using live augmented reality content, the specialists created their own 3D world, tailor-made for each of the four vehicles. While the audience on site in Munich experienced the real show, the millions of viewers online watched the physical event merge with the digitally augmented 3D backdrop.

The result was a completely new hybrid space, where people could immerse themselves in the futuristic, emotional world of the electromobile future. Journalists around the world also benefited from additional, context-related live information and a live transcript.

The power of the emergence of the virtual and physical world

Communication on-site followed the strategic and creative guiding principle of a brand-defining experience space – with fascinating installations and mirror surfaces that allowed a first look at the premiere vehicles even before the official start of the event. The media representatives had optimal opportunities for their preproduction and individual discussions. During the pre-night, image-rich activations followed for each product highlight. An example: the concept car of an off-road vehicle was unveiled in front of a three-dimensional natural environment that was shown shortly before in the campaign film – this resulted in a seamless transition from digital content to tangible product.

The result of the bold, hybrid event approach was impressive: Our customer’s pre-night achieved a media reach of around 195 million, most of the reports in the competition and made it the most discussed vehicle at the entire IAA Mobility 2021.

Visit the digital pre-night here.