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Hybrid smart networking

Hybrid event for pharmaceutical logistics company BD Rowa™


The case of BD Rowa in cooperation with the publisher Wort & Bild Verlag illustrates how the fusion of a digital and a physical event into a phygital networking platform can be a success for all involved. The “Apo-Live: Innovations for your Pharmacy” hybrid event at Berlin’s Humboldthafen design office combined presentations and workshops over two days -both on site and via livestream.

BD Rowa™, a supplier of picking systems for pharmacies, had originally planned its event to be a purely physical in-person one. However, because of the still uncertain COVID-19 situation in 2021 and the strict pandemic measures at the time, the client redesigned and rescheduled on short notice with OSK’s support. The result was the “Apo-Live” hybrid event. The team quickly expanded the format to include the digital component with an interactive livestream, so that guests could also actively and easily participate in discussions and ask questions online during the live program.

Keynotes and talks on topics surrounding digitalization and innovations for pharmacies now and in the near future were highlights of the event. OSK took care of the planning and implementation. The agency also coordinated the livestream and provided content for the event, including key visuals in the form of graphic elements, as well as press releases and info screens.

Efficient planning and organization

Despite the smaller event size due to the pandemic, with about 50 pharmacists and customers on site at the Berlin design office, the visitors and BD Rowa™ were very satisfied. An additional 100 participants joined online over the two days, taking part in the discussions and exchanging ideas. The smart concept and its successful implementation ensured that networking took place even during the pandemic