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Automotive Advent Calendar: 24 Doors, 24 Stories

Christmas campaign


With the support of OSK, the Mercedes-Benz branch in Munich presented an automotive advent calendar in December 2021 that put the iconic G-Class SUV in the spotlight. Each opened door of the calendar revealed a new vehicle in the oversized display window — each one unique in its design and equipment. To complement these special vehicles, our team told a true “G” story every day on social media, drawing from the 42 years of the model’s era.

Every day from the 1st through the 24th of December, a new “little door” of the calendar opened — both in the 145-meter-long and 55-meter-high display window of the Munich branch, and on our client’s social media accounts. The Munich branch has a long and established tradition of advent calendars: for 19 years, these Christmas countdowns have attracted lots of attention leading up to the holiday, each year with a different theme.

Showing Diversity with a Single Image

This time, the focus was to be on the iconic SUV with its various customization options. But how do you convey the theme of “versatility” with just one social post per day? The answer: the first picture served as a prominent eye-catcher for the respective story of the vehicle — be it the trip around the world from pole to pole, or the drive on the legendary test track on the “Schöckl”, the local mountain near Graz in Austria. The OSK team added further images via carousel posting on Instagram, and as a collage on Facebook. This allowed users to swipe through additional images to learn more about the story and the details of each model in the form of a post. The initial image, however, had the uniform look of the Christmas campaign.

OSK’s graphic designers created a unique image world for each of the 24 vehicles, which — printed on back panels — served as a backdrop in the display window and for photo production at the dealership. This way, fans of the legendary car and other interested parties could discover and enjoy 24 exciting stories that the off roader has actually experienced.