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500 square meters of storytelling

Trade show presence for BD Rowa™


A good trade show appearance offers many opportunities for dialog with the audience in order to communicate stories about products, technologies, and topics. Therefore, effective informational content and high-quality design are required. In the case of our client BD Rowa™, a partner for pharmacies in the field of smart solutions for pharmaceutical logistics, there was an additional requirement: a reusable and thus especially sustainable booth concept that also visually stood out from the competition was needed. Our spatial communication specialists were happy to take on this challenge.

Real conversations with real people in a real place — trade fairs provide ideal conditions for dialog and business. Trade show visitors come to a booth with very different needs and interests — some may already be customers and know their way around, while others want to get their bearings first. At Expopharm, the most important European pharmacy trade fair, BD Rowa™ met all professional visitors from the pharmaceutical sector individually.

Impressionen Messe BD Rowa

Spatial storytelling

The booth, which is invitingly open to the outside, is modeled based on the layout of a modern pharmacy — including the consultation room with contemporary screens, a back office with an automated picking machine, and sustainable logistics with software-optimized process optimization. Our interior design focuses on a contemporary look that combines BD Rowa™’s modern equipment with traditional accessories such as pharmacist’s bottles and medicinal plants — a special ambience removed from the clinical white trade fair mainstream that immediately intrigues and inspires visitors. Above all, this authentic working atmosphere creates ideal opportunities for BD Rowa™ consultants to enter into very concrete discussions with various target groups about the exhibited automated and digital solutions — with pharmacy, hospital, and pharmaceutical industry representatives. In addition to the areas accessible to all visitors, there are also zones for one-on-one consultation.


Beyond the concept and design of the booth, OSK provided comprehensive support for the trade show appearance, including production management, content, graphic design, and on-site support.

Sustainability mission accomplished

Not only did the booth concept create ideal conditions for storytelling, but sustainability was also at the center of the planning. For this reason, the architects of the “OSK Brand Spaces” unit, which specializes in spatial communication, designed a construction based on modular frames instead of fixed exterior walls. All components are designed in such a way that they can be easily dismantled and reassembled in a different configuration without suffering any damage. This means that the booth can be set up variably in different locations, depending on the size and shape of the available space. It has already started its journey through Europe.