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ZF Social Media Toolbox

One design for all channels

Standardized appearance in the social web


Instagram, Facebook, YouTube, Twitter, LinkedIn – companies nowadays communicate their content on more platforms than ever before. However, for the users to still experience the postings on different channels as unified, these posts need to be designed in a consistent way, not only content-wise but also visually. This visual consistency is guaranteed by the Social Media Toolbox – a clearly organized template library developed by OSK for its customer ZF Motorsport.

The toolbox contains all popular formats, neatly stored in one PDF and prepared as ready-to use graphic files: from thumbnail to header image, from survey to quiz, from an info graphic to a video intro. There are even platform-specific templates among them like header images for the highlight stories on Instagram.

Shortcut in daily operations

During the daily work, the team saves precious time using the Social Media Toolbox. For example, coordination processes may well take some time, even though they are only about one image or a short text. In the digital world especially, this can be of disadvantage, because topicality and speed are demanded there. The templates offer a shortcut there. The customer no longer needs to coordinate the design but only approve the content.

One major challenge was the tight schedule. The template library for ZF Motorsport had to be implemented as fast as possible, because the templates were needed for ongoing projects. At the same time, the result was to be comprehensive and practicable enough to be used in the long term. Yet, the team of social media consultants, graphic and motion designers was able to benefit of a decisive advantage: OSK had already revised the customer’s corporate design and could thus adapt many elements – an asset for the recognition value. The team created visual anchors which can easily be integrated into social media posts. The vertical inclination, for example, already conveying a sense of dynamic in the logo of ZF Motorsport, re-appears in the templates in several instances. The red and blue color elements also come into use.

OSK has assembled a number of Social Media Toolboxes for other customers as well – practically and clearly arranged with design propositions for different Social Media Assets.