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Filmproduktion „Share what makes you smile“ für Tetra Pak

Share what makes you smile

Movie production around on-the-go packages


“Sharing” has become a buzz word as much as a trend in many societies and a variety of contexts. We share in the social media; we share cars, bikes, flats, even food. To create consumer interest in two of Tetra Pak’s on-the-go packages, OSK features them in a short film, telling the story of two young people “on the go”, who love to share, preferably their smile.

It’s by far not the first film we have done for Tetra Pak, but the first love story we have told. A story full of big and small smiles, surprises and of being on-the-go … and of course, with a happy ending.

A step on uncharted land

Since 2004, OSK has produced a great variety of films for Tetra Pak. Films for all occasions, one could say. From movies at internal events and technical 3D animations to emotional intros and explanatory films at major B2B fairs. Yet, letting Tetra Pak talk to the consumer was a great new experience for OSK in this customer relationship, one that we hope to repeat in the near future.