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OSK entwickelt Anuga-Stand für Tetra Pak

We have the best booth!*

Tetra Pak International, Anuga FoodTech


For Tetra Pak, Oliver Schrott Kommunikation developed and implemented the company’s appearance at the Anuga FoodTech in Cologne. The aim of this presentation at the most important inter-national trade fair for foodstuffs and beverage tech-nology was to present the products, services and inno-vations of the world market leader for packaging systems along the value-creation chain in an innova-tive, informative and close-to-the-customer way.

The 10,000 or so trade visitors certainly felt that the company had presented itself in a serious, informative yet varied fashion at its 5,000 square-metre booth. A boulevard formed the main axis, leading unerringly to the various zones and sectors. The central design element was the “sky” which arched across the entire booth like a heavenly vault, serving as an optical parenthesis for the numerous topics. These included fully-functioning equipment comprising six production lines manufacturing packaging in real time during the fair itself.

today, tomorrow, together:
creatively implemented booth’s motto

The booth’s motto “today, tomorrow, together” was reflected in the formats and technologies of the presen-tations. Visitors were repeatedly called on to interact (together). The current Tetra Pak contents (today) were put across with the help of modern media, hardware and software (tomorrow) that ranged from ultrarapid multitouch consoles to iPads with augmented reality apps or holographic simulations.

With an agency team made up of some twenty advisors, architects, graphic artists and specialists for exhibitions, technology and events, OSK co-operated intensively over a sixth-month period with Tetra Pak teams in Italy, Sweden and Germany. In addition to the fair booth, the agency also developed and implemented the majority of the thematic contents, presentations, media and exhibits.

*Dennis Jönsson, CEO and Pres¬i¬dent of Tetra Pak

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