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Behind the Scenes – The Short Film „Iconic You“

The creation of a visual homage to the female pioneers of this world


For World Women’s Day 2018, She’s Mercedes honors strong female personalities who have made history with their innovative ideas in the short film “Iconic You”. OSK developed and implemented this video project from start to finish: from the conception and storyline through the shooting and production up to the post-production and distribution via the digital channels of She’s Mercedes and Mercedes Benz.

The focus is on a clear message: Everything is possible; every woman can be a pioneer and influence the world. Based on this idea, a very special short film was created: A model slips into five different roles, from Nefertiti and Bertha Benz to Marie Curie, Frida Kahlo and Amelia Earhart.

Working Intensely – for a very short moment

The greatest challenge faced by the team during the shooting was transforming the model into five strong and very different characters, all authentically staged and true to type. The few seconds that appear in fast motion actually took a make-up artist several hours, along with many helping hands and numerous camera settings in real time. During the shooting good preliminary preparations and advance organization played just as important a role as the provision of on-site equipment and a well-rehearsed team.

OSK has previously produced several videos for She’s Mercedes portraying strong women from the field of sports, the arts or entertainment – always in combination with a clear message to all women worldwide.