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Steph Davis She's Mercedes

Define Your Path: Steph Davis dares courageous decisions

A cinematic portrait of the extraordinary life of a strong woman


Steph Davis is among the world’s most successful free climbers, wingsuit-pilots and parachuters. Her path was not always easy, in fact quite the contrary. But, she did it her way. And that has led her exactly to where she stands today and where she always wanted to be. Way up high and in the air. OSK visited in Utah Steph Davis for She’s Mercedes. The result is an extraordinary portrait.

Steph Davis regularly climbs the highest peaks on earth all by herself. But that’s not all: Once she reaches the top, she launches herself from the plateau and plunges into the depths equipped with only a wingsuit and a parachute. As exciting as this US-American’s life is today, her original ambitions were very different. Classes at the Faculty of Law and an academic career were planned. But Steph decided against the university and for the steep face. Despite setbacks, she has never regretted her decision.

OSK visited Steph Davis for She’s Mercedes in Moab (Utah), where she has chosen to settle down. The visit resulted in a cinematic portrait of an extraordinary woman. OSK not only developed the idea for the film, but also took over its production and post-production. In addition OSK also took over creating accompanying content from teasers to IG TV spots and social postings. The content was shared on the digital channels of She’s Mercedes, Mercedes-Benz Global and Mercedes-Benz Germany.

She’s Mercedes regularly produces close-up and authentic portraits of strong women in text, photographs and moving images. Content is then distributed via social channels and the website, as well as in print magazines.