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Digitaler Parfümfinder für Perfumania

OSK develops digital perfume finder for US chain

Project of the offices in Berlin and New York


Which perfume suits me, my mood, a certain occasion? Questions that everyone has certainly asked themselves before. OSK has developed a solution for America’s largest perfume chain “Perfumania”: the digital perfume finder.

In their concept store in New York Perfumania no longer sort their perfumes by brand, but by mood and direction of fragrance. These options should also be made available digitally. The idea: a digital perfume finder on a touch table. The concept came from OSK New York, the technical implementation was done by the OSK team in Berlin.

The approximately 450 perfumes stored in the system are assigned to six different fragrances, such as floral, fruity, fresh or spicy. Once you have decided on the fragrance direction, the next step provides you with an indication on the mood and the ideal time of day associated with these perfumes. If you then decide to answer the question about your preferred gender profile, you receive your personal perfume suggestions as a result.

The tool was built as a web application to be easily implemented in other stores without any further adjustments. Planning and implementation of the tool took just under three weeks.