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OSK entwickelt „BlogHouse“ für Mercedes-Benz

New trendy meeting point for digital publishers

MB „BlogHouse“, Mercedes-Benz


For the lifestyle, brand and social-media commu­ni­ca­tion of Mercedes-Benz, OSK devel­oped the “Blog­House”, a rela­tions format specially designed for the needs of blog­gers and digital publishers. This plat­form relies on an exciting mixture of brand and product work­shops, retaining an indi­vidual prac­tical portion for each.

“Blog­House” takes its guests to exciting, surprising places and loca­tions with plenty of poten­tial for personal stories and pictures. So guests get a peep behind the scenes at the produc­tion facil­i­ties in the Rastatt factory even before series produc­tion of the new Mercedes-Benz GLA starts up.

Programme for intensive exchange

The programme leaves plenty of room for inten­sive exchanges between online media and the company. Could the produc­tion of content and the main­te­nance of rela­tions possibly ever work better than this? What changes have taken place in the blogo­sphere, and how can the company react to these changes? Only those who have a precise knowl­edge of what infor­ma­tion their digital influ­encers need can carry on the correct kinds of dialogue on the net, estab­lishing and caring for rela­tions in the right way.