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#explorewildtaiga: Content Creation Tour in Finland

OSK develops messenger bot for digital storytelling


One off-road vehicle icon, two creative people and lonely roads through the Finnish wilderness: Together with the Finnish animal photographer Konsta Punkka and the Italian filmmaker Oliver Astrologo, OSK produced a spectacular „Content Creation Tour“ through the landscape and nature of Finland for Mercedes-Benz. The focus was on a messenger bot developed by the agency with which the followers could experience the journey up close.

The aim of the social media campaign #explorewildtaiga was to bring outdoor fans and off-road enthusiasts closer to the Finnish taiga with pictures of an extraordinary trip with the off-road vehicle icon G-Class. For eleven days, Punkka and Astrologo rode the all-wheel-drive vehicle through Punkka’s homeland – from Helsinki to Oulanka National Park in northern Finland. The campaign enabled the followers to experience the tour digitally via an interactive and personalised messenger bot developed by OSK specifically for this purpose. In addition, it offered further experience possibilities with platform-compatible social media content such as vlogs.

Konsta Punkka was able to zero in on the „Big Five“ of Finland (wolf, brown bear, moose, lynx and wolverine) and produced impressive close-ups. Oliver Astrologo captured touching images of the Finnish taiga landscape. The first vlogs went online on October 8, 2018. The messenger bot „MBJourneys“ was active between 11 and 16 October via Facebook Messenger.

Storytelling bot of this size is new in the automotive industry

During the six day campaign, followers were presented with new pictures, videos and other formats. The spectrum ranged from vlogs, animal portraits and landscape shots to behind-the-scenes images. The interactive messenger bot provided each user with the opportunity to choose his own perspective on what was happening. He could decide daily whether he wanted to focus on the vehicle, the landscape, the animals or the people. In order to enable users to design their own individual stories, 85 content pieces were created in the form of pictures and videos. A storytelling bot of this size and with this narrative format is a novelty in the automotive industry.

Intense and 360 degrees

The OSK concept for #explorewildtaiga is designed as a 360-degree campaign. This enables customers the use all possibilities provided by Owned and Paid Media on Facebook, Instagram, Twitter and Co. The campaign can be followed on the Mercedes-Benz and the protagonist’s social media channels and is further enhanced by classical press work.

Influencer intensively involved in content creation

The goal was to achieve the closest possible follower proximity. Working with influencers was therefore not simply a matter of increasing the range. They were intensively involved in the content creation process as well. In addition, the content was prepared for the platform, including the vertical format 9:16.
Impressions of the tour can be seen on Youtube: http://mb4.me/wild-taiga-highlights

Further information about Konsta Punkka: www.konstapunkka.com
Further information about Oliver Astrologo: www.oliverastrologo.com

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