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A Red Pill Selfie Backdrop

SUV Inside Enormous Matrix Pill


A sensational surprise greeted the “Matrix: Resurrections” world premiere guests before they even reached the red carpet — with OSK’s support, Mercedes-Benz displayed a G-Class inside a giant red pill on the street right in front of San Francisco’s legendary Castro Theatre. With this installation, the team created a striking physical extension of the brand collaboration between the car manufacturer and the film production.

The assignment was to develop a strong idea with a PR effect for the film premiere that could be implemented in just a few weeks. The red pill represents freedom and daring in the Matrix film series; whoever takes it sees the true reality behind the illusory world. The staging creatively links this central element of the cult film series with the product, as the gray-painted cult SUV with the star plays an important role in the film: during a fast-paced chase, it ultimately helps the main characters escape and break out of the Matrix.

The Out-of-Home Installation Was 12 Meters Long and 3.5 Meters Tall

The whole PR stunt — from the original idea, through its execution, to its circulation on social media — comes from OSK. The creation aspect was handled by the Cologne headquarters, while logistics and implementation were coordinated by OSK’s New York office. The agency received support from the artist duo Plastique Fantastique in creating the physical installation. The Berlin-based artists constructed the 12-meter-long, 3.5-meter-high installation from polyurethane plastic. The material is transparent while also being very color-intensive, making it ideal for giving the vehicle a Hollywood-ready appearance, and the artists filled the pill with fog on site, further emphasizing the showy character of the G-Class. Next, the object went around the world on social media platforms as a selfie backdrop. Overall, a confident, attention-grabbing staging that didn’t need any words to catch every eye.