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OSK betreut Social Media für Michelin Challenge Bibendum

Green mobility in the social net

SoMe campaign, Michelin Challenge Bibendum


OSK presents the world’s biggest forum for sustainable mobility and road safety that remains current and authentic on the Internet and in social networks. For the Michelin Challenge Bibendum 2011, the social-media experts at the agency conceived and realized, among other things, the design and structure of the German channels on Facebook and Twitter. The team takes over content planning, controls the community and ad management and is responsible for programming the apps.

During the five-day event in Berlin it keeps the online community up to date with news, live reports and interviews. The result: over 1,200 posts, 20 videos and about 10,000 photos on the net. This content forms the basis for extending the specialist community, which grows to around 2,500 fans and some 500 followers by 2013.