Perfectionist Partnership

Website for Harman Kardon sound systems

April 2009 - Visi­tors of have the choice between infor­ma­tion and plea­sure. There is plenty of both. Aesthetic shots of Mercedes-Benz cars alter­nate with semi­trans­parent 3D render­ings with visual links to detailed infor­ma­tion on the respec­tive Harman Kardon sound systems and their compo­nents. The brands share a common philos­ophy: striving for perfec­tion.

Customers and prospects, dealers and sales staff can quench their thirst for knowl­edge on the new part­ner­ship site - only to develop an appetite for more when looking at the ‘Inno­va­tion’ area. Oliver Schrott Kommu­nika­tion is respon­sible for contents, info graphs, picto­rial language and the navi­ga­tion of the site of the Auto­mo­tive Divi­sion of Harman Inter­na­tional.

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Oliver Schrott Kommunikation