kalaydo.de goes online with OSK

Communication for the Rhine-based ad website

January 2007 - With imme­diate effect, Oliver Schrott Kommu­nika­tion (OSK) takes care of the contin­uous PR consul­tancy and media commu­ni­ca­tions for the Rhenish online ad portal kalaydo.de.

After a pitch, the inno­va­tive e-commerce provider decided for OSK as their PR agency. kalaydo.de is a young, fast growing online ad portal for the verti­cals auto­mo­bile, real estate and jobs, and in addi­tion offers a free market plat­form. In less than a year, kalaydo has achieved a top posi­tion among regional online portals and demon­strates the successful util­i­sa­tion of cross-media marketing.

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