Two-sided world premiere

OSK sets the stage for the new Mercedes-Benz C-Class

January 2007 — With an impres­sive show on the theme of “One car with two Char­ac­ters” Mercedes-Benz cele­brated the world premiere of their new C-Class. The staging centred around the two style worlds “Avant­garde” and “Ele­gance”, also being the names of the two model lines of the new C-Class: one partic­u­larly sporty, the other one comfort­able and elegant.

From the stage show, performed by the renowned New York dance theatre MOMIX, to the stylish dinner, where the numerous jour­nal­ists had the choice of ambi­ence - avant­garde or elegant: The entire world premiere - conceived, organ­ised and realised by Oliver Schrott Kommu­nika­tion - con-sistently inter­preted the two “faces” of the C-Class. With the concept of “two product person­al­i­ties in one model range” Mercedes-Benz posi­tions the successor of the medium-class best­seller for the extremely heteroge-neous customer target group and creates more space for indi­vid­u­ality.

Subse­quent to the media event in the Stuttgart branch of Mercedes-Benz, the lavish setup was utilised at events for further target groups.

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Oliver Schrott Kommunikation